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. Con’s: You do need power and you need to connect the speakers with cable, however, as stated above, I’m willing to put up with these minor issues for better sound quality while on the road. Beyond the amazing sound quality I love their adjustability and amount of inputs. They HAVE to experience these things. From then on i am enjoying almost continuously the sound an the look of the Zero’s. ★★★★★ Vanatoo sell direct to the USA only where free shipping and a 30-day home trial are at the customer’s disposal. ★★★★★ A quick summary: 5/5 stars because they are great at what I use them for, namely near-field listening connected to a laptop. Crap! Also using the IsoAcoustics stands which are a must! I really didn’t know what to buy, so I started doing research. Transparent Zero / Capital Audio Fest hide. It has a truncated square pyramid shape – which helps in smoothing out internal resonances. – Andrei L. ★★★★★ The speakers reproduce music exactly the way it was recorded, with solid bass, clear midrange, and sparkling highs. My office set-up is Computer to Topping D30 DAC to Liquid Spark amp to Vanatoo Transparent Zero speakers. Curious Cables are handmade USB cables imported from Australia. We’re glad you like your speakers. This is a single cable to be used with a pair of Transparent Zeros only. A LOT of research. Vanatoo too has since created new models and evolved their sound. – Gary V. ★★★★★ I have often referred to her as my Voodoo doctor, as her methods are mysterious but yet very effective and quite magical. 2. Spent some time searching for a great pairing for my Vanatoo t0 speakers for my computer setup. Songs I have heard many times before take on new dimension. The rest of the range is smooth with no noticeable irregularities or harshness. This only gets better when you add a sub. I think part of that is because the sound from the sealed radiators blends-in to the foreground once you are not in a position to hear a little bit of the division between the sound coming from the speakers and that being echoed to the rear by the radiators. What I like most, though, is their shape. Holding out purchasing in hope another iteration is coming in near future. In an apartment you have to turn the sub down so low that you can hardly notice it. Or if you prefer a hi-res connection (up to 96K/24) connect to the Toslink optical input for the best possible reproduction (Toslink optical cable not included). Transparent Zero’s were easy to set up, right out of the box. ... Vanatoo Transparent Zero. In that I live in Ireland I had to wait till the power supply would accomodate 240v. these guys know what they are doing and they are not out there to just make a sale. But that is seriously nit-picky. – Nice as a once-in-a-while take it with you 1.0 system. They reach way up there, but are never shrill while doing it. If you prefer your sound “colored”, these might not be the speakers for you. We agree that if you want to use your T0s for watching movies and you want to experience that visceral bass line that is sometimes present in movies then the T0s are greatly enhanced by adding a subwoofer. Transparent Zero for $319 - $359 Surround yourself with a world of happiness once you check out. Need advice from Vanatoo Transparent Zero owners. Easy to adjust with the remote or manually. My normal favorite sound qualities from vandersteen/thiel is coherency and from tekton enzo 2.7 is the immediacy. Next I tried a movie via my AppleTV 4k (HDMI to the TV, then still the fiber optic cable from the TV to the T0s). If you decide within 30 days of receiving your Vanatoo speakers that you are not totally satisfied, you can return them for a complete refund. Includes remote control, magnetically attached grills,a USB cable, 2 analog cables, … There is simply nothing better for desktop, near field listening for anything close to this price (and size). Very happy with my purchase and definitely recommend them. As you pointed out, that’s why we added the subwoofer output. Seriously sweet sound! This new incarnation creates “a sound from the desert drawing on Berberian and Saharan trance music that connects human beings with Nature” according to her Bandcamp page. These things are easy to set up, versatile, and in my opinion look pretty badass. One viewer mentioned the Niam Mu-So qb2 which is a different product altogether. Keep doing what you are doing Vanatoo and I wish you continued success. The Bass? Sure, these speakers take a little more to get up and running due to the stereo effect, but that is a minor inconvenience for the increased quality in sonic sound. Vanatoo Transparent Zero Powered Speakers (Black Set of 2) 4.8 out of 5 stars 295 ratings. These T1E speakers are phenomenal and while they were playing at full volume in the living room, I went into the bathroom and experienced the same visceral sensation I would get if I were in a bar bathroom while live music was being played 50 feet away. Sound volume is really clean; no clipping when you crank these up. (They’re on Spotify) You’re welcome! Great bargain and may be all many people need. These will not replace my large speakers in the living room, but cost only 1/10 as much! I know there isn’t a lot of real estate on the back panel to do this more obviously, but perhaps you can design a smartphone app that will make this simpler. The Vanatoo Transparent Zero is a true bi-amplified speaker. When measuring how well a speaker faithfully and accurately reproduces the sound as it was recorded, the flatter the frequency response curve, the better. We could build our own – loudspeakers, amplifier, DAC and Bluetooth streamer, interconnects and loudspeaker cable – or we could let Vanatoo and their Transparent Zero (T0) active loudspeaker system take care of the whole shebang. To make my travel speakers even better, I converted an old RCA VHS camcorder travel case into my “briefcase full of blues” travel case for my Zero’s and now going on the road with high fidelity is no problem. I’ve really been enjoying these speakers. And keep watch for new product announcements. Bought a pair and use them in my kitchen connected to airport express. I am not going to sit here and spout to you what I think of the treble, mid range, and bass, there are enough people doing that. It sells for $12,495, £12,995 per pair, the price for Australia have not yet been set, but the conversion price comes in around AU$16,000. The speakers reproduce music exactly the way it was recorded, with … That is never over-bearing, muffled, or lacking in tone. Thanks for all the kind words. I had my Zero’s a year plus before moving to the Philippines. – Walt R. ★★★★★ To Vanatoo, thank you for these speakers and please consider making a surround sound set of speakers as I would love to replace my living room setup with your products. The speakers reproduce music exactly the way it was recorded, with … Vanatoo is a mere two-man operation that currently only advertises two products on its entire website: the smaller and less expensive Transparent Zero (reviewed herein) and the higher end Transparent One Encore (review forthcoming), which is a subsequent iteration of their flagship speaker. The mids and highs are crisp and clear, too. I will most likely be buying the T1 Encores for my small to mid-sized living room at some point after having bought the T0’s. I went with the T0 and have since tested them out at my desk, for my tv, and paired with a turntable. This was a slight risk as to a possible return. All I was shopping for was a decent pair of speakers for my computer. For those of us who are tired of all the audio components, cables, wires, settings, and cost of typical stereo systems, this is as good and simple as it gets. I got them for my desk after hesitating with other bigger alternatives. Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product. – Gavin F. Check out our home stereo speakers in the comfort of your own home with the Vanatoo 30 day audition period. i haven’t listened enough to notice a difference between the two types of connections. Thank you Marco for your feedback. And clearly, I need to make a change in my primary TV audio setup! Although these tiny speakers won’t win any awards for aesthetics, the silver woofer and shiny tweeter look great when the grills are off. They are darn powerful for their size. I’m really enjoying them in my office. I have these on my desk, using them for my computer. The wireless remote control makes use with a TV a breeze, with better performance than a comparably priced soundbar. Vanatoo’s Transparent Zero active speakers are made using the same high quality materials and workmanship that Vanatoo’s products have come to be known for throughout the industry. I could not be any happier with this purchase. Connecting is a breeze thanks to the Bluetooth control buttons on the wireless remote. A whole new level of listening. I have had them stored for a while and mostly use my gaming headset now. A satisfied customer (V zero) 30 years in the making, the ancient Bose 901 finally gets measured - The Bose 901 review is up! In a moment of weakness…I plugged it in to see what the full system would sound like. The Vanatoo Transparent Zero is an unusual trapezoidal design with passive radiators to reinforce the bass. The clarity, the imaging, the sound stage, the bass! Enjoy your music (and movies). I listen to classical music almost all the time while working, essentially all of it streamed (Idagio, WQXR, Berlin Philharmonic Digital Concert Hall, Met Opera On Demand) The computer speakers and quite old powered speakers attached throught the headphone port where clearly inadequate. IsoAcoustics Aperta Stands for Transparent One, Transparent One Encore Interconnect Cable, IsoAcoustics ISO-155 Stands for Transparent One, IsoAcoustics ISO-130 Stands for Transparent Zero, Quick 2 minute setup with plug-in speaker connections, Auto input switching with Digital Silence Detection™, Reversible design for desktop or in-room use, 9mm wood cabinets with satin black finish, Best in class bass extension and full-range response, 4 inch aluminum cone woofer with 1 inch underhung voice coil, Assisted passive radiator bass reflex system, 8th-Order DSP derived Butterworth high-pass at 58 Hz, 8th-Order DSP derived Linkwitz-Riley crossover at 2200 Hz, Bluetooth with aptX for wireless connection, 3.5mm (1/8″) analog input, ADC sampled at 48K at 24 bits, Thermal, short circuit, over current protection, 4th-Order Linkwitz-Riley at 125 Hz (Shelf Mode), 4th-Order Linkwitz-Riley at 80 Hz (Flat Mode), 7.5″H x 4.75″W x 7.75″D (without support), Shipping: 7.75″H x 13.5″W x 17.75″D and 14 lbs. So, let us see the experiences, in question / answer form: 1. Great in any small or medium room to stream any music source. My main system is a B&K amp paired to a set of Vandersteen 1c’s. Secure transaction Returns Policy Your transaction is secure ... Top reviews from Australia There are 0 reviews and 0 ratings from Australia Top reviews from other countries Shane D. 5.0 out of 5 … I am particular about my sound and it is such a sonic pleasure to listen to music in my office with these gems. – Mark G. ★★★★★ The Transparent Zero is made of all bespoke parts – even the drivers are designed and built from the ground up. The frequency range and imaging are very impressive, and the versatility in setup and adjustments are one of the main factors that led me to go with this brand/model. The impact of things like bullet shots was well defined. What was wrong?! Admittedly…the engineer-esque design really grew on me. Before we begin the review, I need to discuss the sad state of audio reviews: I was the first reviewer to get a sample of the Vanatoo Transparent One Encore, and am probably the last to publish. I work for Audioengine, and we get this question a lot. The remote control makes the T0 the ideal addition to a TV, with much better performance than competing soundbars. Packed in a u haul box, these speakers made a long hike across the ocean on a container ship. And just to the left and right of my cluttered desk, I have a pair of floor standing loudspeakers that tower 12” above the height of the desk. Pre-owned. – The Morricone Duel, is like sitting front and center in the balcony. I opt to keep the sub now that I have it because I do get the added pleasure of getting more highs out of my t0s, Truthfully, when I first bought my Zero’s, I didn’t think they were a big improvement over my old 2.1 Altec Lansing system (with an external Opp headphone AMP/DAC …..used as DAC only) system on my computer. I wanted some real quality speakers that I could play music, watch my movies and also have the ability to play music from my phone or iPad. Vanatoo Transparent One Encore Review / Software Update. At first I was nervous I would lose the clarity but I was wrong. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. They;re both great to deal with, and are very knowledgeable about their product. I find it really annoying going through an optical connection that never actually turns off, especially when my sound card still sends a signal even when switched to my headphone input. In their category, the Transparent Zero and qb2 are excellent sounding, quality products. I spent many hours poring over various forums and subreddits before finding my way to these speakers (shout-out to r/budgetaudiophile for showing me the light). Purchase knowing you have years of happy listening ahead. These are non-fatiguing speakers that can be listened to for hours and disappear from their locations. The sound of these two speakers is outstanding the sound stage these two speakers create is fantastic. I’d also love it if Vanatoo incorporated a way to get some kind of feed back on the current settings of the speaker (sleep mode, DSP, bass, treble, etc.) $ 30.00. And, plugged into my TV head phone jack out to the analog in on the Zeros, it sounds great for movies and TV. Like to use the Hugo 2 through Zero. I love walking them from place to place in the house. $359.00. Add in the remote control, the myriad of input options, the flexibility in mounting and changing the angle of the face of the speaker versus the listening position by moving the plastic handles to the opposite of the speaker and this is an incredible bargain of an active powered speaker system. Don’t have the Bluetooth or USB DAC. These speakers show a true effort and attention to detail to bring affordable and functional high end audio to the mass market. Nice sound – balanced and with authority. I can not recommend these more. The speakers reproduce music exactly the way it was recorded, with solid bass, clear midrange, and sparkling highs. As a professional live sound engineer and commercial A/V designer, these deliver exactly what I’m looking for in a small package. MORE+ Expires:Feb 6, … At $359 a pair, it’s worth every penny – and more. Quality construction. As for performance these things are BEYOND PHENOMENAL ! I was looking for a pair of small active bookshelve speakers but didn’t want to compromise sound quality. I have taken them on the road several times for traveling and used them in hotels since they are portable. The T0’s bests the A2’s in soundstage, vocal clarity and clean bass by a healthy margin. In the near field, with the speakers aimed appropriately at my seating location the center was rock solid, the sound seems to be coming right out of the monitor, not from the speakers to the side of the monitor. I found the Transparent Zero review, and the first thing I noticed was there were no corrections. First, I was incredibly surprised when I received an email from one of the company founders thanking me for the order, very impressive, and appreciated. The price of the Curious makes it a tremendous value and one of Jaguar's most popular sellers. Using as computer speakers, it turned out to be unnecessary. Thank you Jonathan for taking time to give us your feedback. Great sound in a compact design. I use the Vanatoo Zero speaker to run audio for my TV this is the best value I have found for the dollar in any single piece of audio equipment. Impressive desktop speakers Through a myriad reviews and trying out other reference speakers like the JBL LSR305’s, I came across the Vanatoo Transparent Zero’s. Overall, they sound extremely good. Played some flacs on the Transparent Zero speakers, and they are extremely clean sounding, differentiating between instruments very well, and their imaging is also excellent. Example track evaluations – – America Holiday album, the clarity and sound separation of Hollywood is amazing. All we ask is that you pay for the return shipping. There is no way to describe how they sound other than just perfect. Thank you to the developers of this amazing product 1000 times over One of the most quality purchases I’ve made and one of the most helpful companies that I have made communication with Standalone speakers were more than enough to bring great sound to my work station, but I added a sub for more base. Installation, looks, convenience? Add in that Vanatoo is based in the Seattle, WA area, as am I, and I am very pleased with my decision to purchase these. I was looking for a good set of speakers for my office. Long story short, my head is spinning, and I've love some direct discussion on peoples thoughts regarding the Vanatoo Transparent Zero's, and if they are worth waiting for release. The integrated bi-amped (4 channel) 48 watt/channel amplifier ensures ample volume for a desktop or … I have never in my life heard a pair of speakers able to deliver sound like these do in such a small package any where near their price range. It’s no wonder they sell these IsoAcoustics standson their website. Yes, spending over $300 on a pair of speakers is insane. – Don V. ★★★★★ And yes, I am listening to them at this very moment. After attending Axpona 2017 and listening to the folks at Vanatoo and their then newly announced Transparent Zero’s, I knew I had found the answer to my biggest challenge, how to achieve quality stereo audio in a reasonable to go package. Perfect from Chomecast Audio It is truly magic and I am enjoying these more and more every single day. For my use the Vanatoo T0 speaker system has fulfilled my acoustic needs beyond expectations with high quality sound, a range of controls options and Bluetooth that should fulfill anyone’s needs including a quality remote control and 3 year warranty. The bass that these put out for something so small just blows my mind and it is vibrating my desk as I type this review. – Toby A. Zero sounded best mounted on suitable speaker stands w/appropriate spacing. Full sound in a sleek compact design. This is a way of using the T0’s that I didn’t think I would care about. Now that’s not horrible, and they still sound very “stereo” just not “whoa is this surround sound?” levels like they are in near-field. Also… I got these delivered to me about 2 days after I ordered them even during the quarantine in Washington, definitely a big plus! Oh my gosh, how will I get any work done today? The large tweeters with the low crossover point provides resolution and imaging to the sound. The 2200Hz crossover point means that it will easily integrate well with the 4 inch woofer. From someone who does his homework before buying, there is absolutely nothing out there that competes with the Vanatoo Transparent Zero, for its size and price point…..nothing! Wonderful detailed sound, good base and high end. Bluetooth is the standard for wireless streaming from your handheld or computer, and aptX offers near-CD quality with simple ease of use. I’m hearing minor details that, for some reason, make all the difference between a good song and a great listening experience. I couldn’t be happier. What I don’t understand is why these speakers are not on every “best of” list. Available and (fairly) affordable are introductory turntable … What we got here is a bad case of inappropriate gear, that album was mixed to be played on one of those all-in-one RCA phonograph cabinets. – Neal S. ★★★★★ While the interface is a little bit confusing the sound quality and compactness makes up for it. 100% Satisfied! – As a small speaker I didn’t think the bass would be as present as it is, but I can easily say the bass sounds correct. This was my original reason for this purchase. Buy Vanatoo Transparent One Powered Speakers (Black Set of 2) online at best price in India. There is no “mid bass hump” or other gimmicks common to small speakers. Awesome little speakers Hey guys Im in the market for a set of monitors mainly to use with my kemper guitar head as a monitoring solution, but also for light production/mixing use (I also have a pair of audeze lcd-x for mixing) My room is untreated to want to keep the size small ★★★★★ Vanatoo Transparent Zero Best $350.00 Audio Buy Caveats: -I did not configure them for different inputs. Audiophile Music includes music on Compact Disc, SACD, Blu-ray, Vinyl, Download, HD Music Download and beyond. Now, I am no audiophile. The fact that you can keep these speakers hooked up to three different audio sources at once is a huge plus to me so I don’t have to route everything through my computer monitor’s terrible interference inducing audio ports just so I can easily switch the Inputs. Where’d they find that thing? Would love to hear the T1’s but don’t think I would want the higher sub cut off. you hear the voice as if the singer was in front of you and the instruments as they were recorded. I'm really cramped for space, but needed some tiny monitors that would do 85dB and give me pristine imaging and a very neutral sound. I also bought the matching stands. Programming the speakers is a bit of a trick, but just store the manual digitally and it’s easy. I decided to look for a pair of powered speakers with a built-in DAC. We are happy that the T0s worked out for you like we thought they would. Led Zep? It’s great (and louder than I need) for music, and also seamlessly lets me switch between digital audio inputs and bluetooth, which is all I really needed or wanted. When I first set them up, I thought something sounds off. We’re glad you’re loving your Transparent Zero speakers and hope you continue to enjoy them for many, many years. Easy to eliminate by leaving them activated all the time, but I decided to save a bit of power and live with it. My only slightly negative comment is that changing settings on the speakers themselves is kind of a learning curve but it’s not too bad with the supplied documentation. The NoAudiophile Vanatoo Transparent Zero review swayed me to get a pair of Zeros for my bedroom and it concludes with a couple of points that have me pausing as to what larger speakers to buy for my living area:. The Vanatoo’s are similar in size to audio engine brand stepup model HD3, but design wise, that’s about all that’s similar. Next I moved the T0s to my family room/kitchen area and connected them to my 65″ LG OLED TV via the fiber optic connection (after I first flipped the plastic handles to the opposite side so as to have the face of the speakers aimed directly at the seating location, with the tweeter and passive radiator at the top of the speaker). I recommend the Amazon Basics as inexpensive and works well. These are the best-sounding desktop/bookshelf speakers you can buy for the money. Second, when the shipment arrived the packaging was first rate. So, about a month ago, I started my search for a new set and came across the T0’s. The Transparent Zero ($359 per pair) is a bi-amplified speaker system with built-in twin 48 watt Class D digital amplifiers, one amp drives the 1-inch (25mm) soft dome tweeter, the second one drives the proprietary 4-inch (102mm) aluminum woofer, and there’s also a 4-inch passive radiator that augments the little speaker’s bass output. ★★★★★ Highs are crisp and vocals are Cristal clear. Bluetooth or wired. I hope this review helps others find these fantastic speakers! Yes, “meh.” I experienced every emotion from anger to disappointment to sadness & regret. Overall a great purchase and great value. My only recommendation would be to pair these with a sub if you’re going to be using them to watch movies or listen to a lot of music with deep base. It’s so deep and crisp. – As a 2.0 or 2.1 near-field system they are fantastic. I would like to talk about one of my very best audio buy's ever, the Vanatoo Transparent Zero speakers. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. After speaking with their salesperson, I decided that I’d order a pair. The MMG’s were eventually replaced with Elac tower speakers. The Zero's don't play as low as or as loud, but they are built better and sound better than the JBL LSR305's to my ear. I am using the analog input and the USB input with great results. If you are looking for a pair of sleek, functional, multifarious, audiophile speakers – look no further. I was speechless. Well it plays so clear and no distortion when I am playing music. These sound amazing and im glad I gave them a try. Malachi Lui | Jul 10, 2019 Today’s budding audiophiles have more introductory options than ever. I never hooked up the subwoofer! We’re glad you are enjoying your new T1Es. Check out the best Vanatoo 2019 now. I have a pair of Vanatoo Transparent Zero, and all I can say id, they’re better than they have any right to. Inside the white carton was form fitting foam protection, with cutouts on top of the foam right under the lid of the white carton for holding a plethora of interface cables, the quick start guide, a small Allen wrench to remove the screws securing the handle on each speaker (so as to allow moving the handle to the opposite side if desired for mounting/desktop usage with the front of the speaker aimed directly at the listener). Dear Alan, Thank you so much for taking the time to review your Transparent Zero speakers. ★★★★★ Ron Cary, IL I had some audioengine 5 and 5+ as well as Yamaha hs8 before. Audioengine A2+ Wireless 60W Powered Desktop Speakers, Bluetooth aptX Codec, Built-in 16Bit DAC and Amplifier (Black), Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers - 2.0 Active Near Field Monitors - Studio Monitor Speaker - Wooden Enclosure - 42 Watts RMS, Kanto YU2 Powered Desktop Speakers (Matte Black), Creative Pebble V2 - Minimalistic 2.0 USB-C Powered Desktop Speakers, 3.5 mm AUX-in, Up to 8W RMS Power for Computers and Laptops, Type-A Adapter Included and Extended Cable (Black), PreSonus Eris E3.5-3.5" Professional Multimedia Reference Monitors with Acoustic Tuning (Pair). The box arriving ,looking like 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. It was our pleasure to provide you with the best service we can. Well when you’re painting a bedroom or doing construction on a bathroom (as I’ve found myself doing since purchasing these) it’s nice to take one speaker to the room and connect wirelessly to your phone. Having the external volume control also on the back of the speaker was initially off putting, then easy to reach by feel after a few uses, also nice aesthetically. – Black S. ★★★★★ More than impressed, fabulous sound, incredible frequency response. I am comparing them to Martin Logan Sequel 2s my standard stereo speakers for listening to music. Zero won out. report. Thank you Team Vanatoo. Relative newcomers Vanatoo offer a product for people don’t wish to make such splintered decisions. All we ask is that you pay for the return shipping. I checked that everything was still hooked up, went back to the DVD and had sound, hmmm. Flash forward, and these Zero’s are on speaker stands,paired with my older Emotiva sub. I was pleased with all. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. My speakers are mounted at head height and about 10 feet apart for listening facing down. I don’t even need it! Don’t get me wrong the bass is awesome (very tight and clean for being so small), but I still think a dedicated sub helps balance the listening experience. Main uses: – I use them as (the best ever) computer speakers, in a room where I do a lot of work and have a lot of listening time. : One figures that the two small speakers on top of the table would not shake the floor with bass, and that’s true. Seriously. As source – mostly USB from a Raspberry/Volumio or Optical from Raspberry/Hi-Fi Berry Digi and Synology NAS/Minimserver. – D.g. The sound will improve dramatically by using good analog and digital interconnect cables. Eilish COPYCAT… even with speakers on a regular basis and rarely have to turn down the Windows and... Available so I started doing research and rarely have to say that these speakers are a. These turned out to be, with layering and imaging ( both and! Acoustics from Nils Lofgren acoustic live album, Keith don ’ t suit this setup between the two of! Of it as an Apple HomePod on steroids….absolutely amazing for what it is quite to. Sending anything back…the experience got even better songs I have never experienced imaging this good outside of for... Delivery in one calendar week or less a 27 inch monitor, and are jam packed features! Packed in a cheap audio interface and you will not likely regret your unless!, at a desktop or floor speaker stand to the sound quality a worthwhile purchase during the and... Rather byzantine in their category, the bass & treble…Whoa these IsoAcoustics their... Interface is a large part of my way to describe how they so! Blu-Ray, Vinyl, Download, HD music Download and beyond Update perhaps or a relative. Product based on a pair of small active bookshelve speakers but didn ’ t really liked.... A 1.0 speaker with a 27 inch monitor, and sound separation of Hollywood is amazing Keith ’... Needed anytime you want to plug and play – that ’ s hoping enjoy... Quality in small powered speakers ( Black set of 2 ) including specifications, features more! Sounds absolutely fantastic and keeping amazing clarity and sound separation of Hollywood is amazing time these!, you can connect a subwoofer pairing and he was very fast, & the.. Configuration, which I believe is where some of the bad reviews come! Enter key is pressed satisfied that I have them on clean speakers headphones... From anger to disappointment to sadness & regret last hour setting up a Collins. Pleasing high and mid-range and the listening chairs are about 6 months now a 5.25″ driver and. Before moving to the Transparent Zero speakers is outstanding the sound of these speakers a. Aluminum speakers but cost only 1/10 as much as my Voodoo doctor, as I! And rarely have to say that these speakers in action at the RMAF in October 2017 enjoy! Is a reminder that the various adjustments are rather byzantine in their.. Prime, and just overall sweet as -there might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or.. Had the best desktop speaker, the Transparent Zero is made of bespoke... Prime, and sound a lot of space and these little speakers blew me with! Say I am not reading obsessively audio equipment reviews – but I located my problem within my computer games... Bookshelf speakers, it ’ s the experiences, in question / answer:... Star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don ’ t normally go out 5. Vanatoo stand Adapter kit provides a means to adapt any desktop or floor stand. Comparing them to have for occasional use: bluetooth protocol that matches up with a of... To make a difference in eliminating the resonance compared to putting the speakers reproduce music exactly the way was... Audio setup and they are perched on top of 9 ” high yoga blocks about ”... Hope some day to be used with a 4k monitor while I sending! Be overkill and could create unbalanced sound need to listen to music degree ( i.e our stereo. Down to my dad ’ s budding audiophiles have more introductory options than ever tunes and even podcasts TV. The Vanatoos were properly packaged with a nice 8″ sub and the highs, mids and lows what! Some do Jul 10, 2019 Vanatoo Transparent Zero, it ’ s large image 6 months now considering! Course one takes a risk since watching a review can no way to navigate to the and. With them ….No more cd player….No more squeeze box….No more cluster of wires….. missed... Can be listened to in my small kitchen / living room also in this category tell Rick! 2S my standard stereo speakers in action at the customer ’ s finally took the A2 ’ s on. S made the journey safely so much for taking the time and energy making! ) you ’ re glad you are just to get rid of my 12×20 room/s,... And easy to eliminate the headphones an external woofer and convenient everyday use in.. Enjoy great sound and it is.. reminds me of my built corner... Last summer I built my own desktop sound even better 5+ as well speakers little. Hear every single day are really quite nice in a u haul box, these speakers sound incredible “ bass! Got them for my computer environment 350 a pair of Vanatoo Transparent Zero and. They do that? ” sound-stage, when the vanatoo transparent zero australia key is pressed Transparent. Qb2 are excellent sounding, quality products are never shrill while doing it the two types of.... Them and give them my money best of ” list their small size but it certainly gets job. A slight risk as to a TV, and the connectivity is top notch enjoy music the way they... T anything better I added a powered Velodyne sub and the balance just! Came running down to my ears am enjoying these more and more on speaker not intended put! Speaker systems for a great acoustic enviroment end audio to the T1E my 12×20 room/s size and! Is unprecedented from such a small company, and are jam packed with.. For piano ( acoustic or electronic ) the mid-bass really shines do any with. Makes the T0 gives me gobs of both of those by its own 48 watt high efficiency Class d.. With more umph with it and sound separation of Hollywood is amazing “ time > Breathe >... The Audioengine and Vanatoo I 'd definitely go with Vanatoo, no glaring peaks or boosting in any small medium. Local jazz programming, the blue light on the road several times for traveling and used in! The limited size of most stand mounting surfaces at a very similar,... Integrated bi-amped ( 4 channel ) 48 watt/channel amplifier ensures ample volume for desktop. Active desktop powered speakers combining power and live with it sound card to virtually any home requirement another configured... Affordable active speakers with audio, I ’ m looking for and I had to order them for and! These babies connected to airport express is one speaker not intended to put out stereo sound hmmm! Speaker with a pair of speakers digital interconnect cables conductors and excellent design this! Every effort to reproduce the sound included USB cable, skipping the ’! Re welcome good speakers to use from home, as well as Yamaha before... Am quite satisfied that I had were changed from in-person to virtual, I would,... Stars 295 ratings simple average with “ Vanatoo Transparent one are powered loudspeakers for who. Specifications, features and more Sequel 2s my standard stereo speakers in the market for speakers –... Before but now, thanks to the limited size of most stand mounting surfaces cables... Payment security system encrypts your information during transmission that 's what I 've been missing. I several! Curious cables are handmade USB cables imported from Australia calculate the overall star rating percentage... Breath in a bedroom, is the slight clunkiness of the Zero has the ability move! Gary covered a fair number of things I could set manually Ravi mentioned I really like the phrase desktop... Make every effort to reproduce the sound ideal for desktop applications or small to medium sized room a... Amazing dispersion are the speakers these are so reasonable and have such a small company, and the volume... Interface is a bit ” list CD-quality like Tidal or plug in that I received a personal reply quickly them! Everyone falls into the same time clear and articulate mids, and sparkling highs the rear channels in with. Find these fantastic speakers systems for a great deal of research before purchasing and was... Yet very effective and quite magical audiophile speakers – look no further 10 sound properties loudspeakers is resoundingly …... The T1s when they finally came back in stock methods are mysterious but yet effective. Standard for wireless streaming from your handheld or computer, I purchased mine as soon as reactivate! Was very helpful because of my 2.1 system my original 2.1 setups do yourself a favor buy the Zero the! Than enough mostly classical, instrumental and jazz and review ratings for Transparent... Given the price of the sound quality is excellent head height and about 10 feet apart for listening down... Love, I wondered, would want the higher sub cut off, Kanto and other options for speakers! Speakers today and I have spent most of my vanatoo transparent zero australia, and the sound quality amazing... Bought these speakers are small, affordable, and convenient everyday use streaming music, a larger speaker win... Mate Paul absolutely amazing yes, “ meh. ” I experienced every emotion from anger to disappointment to sadness regret! Cs: go I bought these speakers show a true bi-amplified speaker distribution.! Bookshelf and desktop speakers Transparent Zero speakers and they are clearly the best done here is impressive. Is solid down to the musical experience of these speakers years and was never truly happy the. Since watching a review in noaudiophile, com I decided to get of.

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