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dogs that can be left alone

However, Basset Hounds do require some specific attention. To keep their chatting to a minimum when you’re away, he recommends leaving them in a room away from the front door and from windows with a view of outdoor activity. It might be difficult for you not to overdo your goodbyes and use that baby voice to tell your dog how much you’re going to miss him before you are stepping out of the door. Don’t miss these 30 adorable pug pictures that will really make you want to adopt one. Being such an intelligent pup, he will also find it quite easy to entertain himself while being left alone at home. Furthermore, you can mark them as dogs without separation anxiety, or at least not a strong one. Here are breeds that tolerate better being left alone during the day. “And although a good watchdog, he tends to bark less than others his size.” Pugs are also usually comfortable with children, especially if they are raised together. The best thing that you can do when you are getting a dog is to think thoroughly about your lifestyle and be sincere on how much time you can dedicate to your new family member. Only you can tell if your dog is ready to be left alone for longer periods. Making a dog walking or playtime schedule might be the best solution for you. But remember: All dogs have their limits. Margarita graduated from the University of Liverpool, earning a Bachelor in Veterinary Science with distinction. Miniature Schnauzer. Your dog’s bladder control How often your dog needs a … In that case, you should try to train your dog to use canine litter boxes or pee pads. Though they do well in many households—with or without children—they tend to be stubborn, so training may be a little more complicated than with other breeds. According to this study, dogs are affected by the duration of time at home alone. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), how long it’s OK (and not OK) to leave your dog home alone, the best low-maintenance dogs for busy people, 11 warning signs your dog is suffering from heat stroke, 30 adorable pug pictures that will really make you want to adopt one, reasons you should consider adopting an older dog, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. However, they can often have a too independent spirit and be stubborn. The Miniature Schnauzer, however, is a smaller dog that many owners have been able to leave at home while they work without any issues. And while they definitely have energy and will happily run around your home, Dr. Tripp says they don’t need as much exercise as other breeds and are among the dogs that can be left alone. But it’s not only his rare looks that set him apart, Shar-Pei is an independent dog that can even sometimes be aloof. We’ve created a list of dog breeds that are potentially more suited to being left alone during the day, making them an excellent choice for busy people. A lot of people end up buying dogs that are not suitable for their professional life, which often ends up in animals being given up to shelters. If you feel that any of our content is inaccurate, out-of-date, or otherwise questionable, please contact us. This way, your pup will be able to enter and exit the house according to his own will, and he will easily walk out to relieve himself or simply to enjoy nature in their own way. Bull Terriers are charming dogs that require quite a bit of exercise. The best way to make your dog happy and entertained while you’re not home is by getting him a new companion. Lindsay Aurora Tigar is an experienced digital editor and blogger in NYC. Good news if you can’t get enough of these scrunchy-faced cuties: Pugs are generally adaptable and can accept a consistent routine of you coming and going, says Dr. Tripp. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Here are another 20 rare dog breeds you might not know. Being social creatures, our canine friends thrive when they are in our company. Therefore, start potty-training your dog at an early age. Don’t do the same, and choose a dog that won’t be as sensitive as others to spending some alone time. “Lhasa Apsos are small but bold dogs that require only a moderate amount of exercise to stay healthy,” Dr. Coates adds. Finally, if you’re looking for a really lazy dog that won’t require a lot of exercise time and would prefer to spend his time napping, adopting a senior dog might be the best solution for you. If taken for exercise, dogs will sleep more during the day, so it could be a great idea to take your dog for a long walk before going to work or school. Leaving these toys around when you’re away will surely entertain your dog and keep him busy while he’s not sleeping. The idea was to create a working dog that is sensitive as a goldie and tolerant as a lab. They can usually be left alone for three or four hours without problems as long as they’ve got access to water and toys. That is why we have created this helpful list of dog breeds, that may be more suitable to leave during the daytime. If you’re someone who works away from home all day, you’d want a dog that’s independent, mellow, low-maintenance, and don’t mind being left alone for a short time. 11 Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Alone Alone…but not lonely. Therefore, we’ve collected the best tips on how to make staying home alone a little easier for our dogs! They reached the peak of their popularity in the 1950s and remained among the most popular dogs ever since. The Chow Chow is a type of dog with a sense of independence and self-dignity like no other. “Although large dogs, older adult Greyhounds no longer require a daily run,” Dr. Tripp adds. She worked in small animal and equine practice for a few years, before choosing to focus solely on companion animals. So let’s discover these dogs that tolerate being alone ranked from least to most tolerant to extended alone time. 10 Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Alone for 8 Hours 1. They sleep for long periods during the day and are generally very mellow and inactive. Dogs love to play, especially with toys filled with dog treats. “If they are left alone for a long period, they will need food and water to be easily accessible to them the entire day,” says Dr. Aramendi. If you live in a large home with lots of space and a big yard, this could be an excellent breed for you.” If you’ve got a smart pup, check out the best puzzle toys for bored dogs. From pint-sized pups to larger ones, these are the independent dogs that can be left alone—happily and without issue. Some breeds bond very closely with their family and are more prone to worry or even panic when left alone by their owner. The Basenji is a great option when you have close neighbors and thin walls. Are you going to leave your dog home alone for many hours? Miniature Schnauzers are intelligent, affectionate and energetic little creatures, quite unaware of their small size. Discover the seven most popular long-eared dog breeds in this article. With this list, of course! Dogs will try to “punish” you for not being there by destroying your favorite pillow or by peeing where they shouldn’t. Some of them may cause some trouble though since minies tend to bark a lot if they really get into the guard dog role. We’ve all wondered about it, so let’s get started. This way you are only encouraging unwanted behavior. A dog sitter will spend the entire day with your dog, while a dog walker will simply bring your dog out for a walk. When it comes to what breed of dog can be left alone during the day, a Lhasa Apso will probably quietly stand guard until you’re back — instead of getting bored and tearing things apart like other breeds. It doesn’t mean that Chow Chows are not interested in their parents. Lhasa Apso A lot of dog owners claim their dogs actually enjoy watching TV, especially when there are some animals involved. Also, make sure all “human” food leftovers are properly stored and kept in places where your dog can’t access. Sometimes, looking into the history of a breed can provide insight on the amount of alone time that a dog can tolerate, notes Jennifer Coates, DVM, a veterinarian who serves on the advisory board for Pet Life Today. Read on and learn today... Meet the Breed: Independent Scottish Terrier. You don’t want to leave your dog sad all the time, which is why you should make sure there are plenty of distractions that will help him endure your absence easier. Gradually build up the time until you can leave the house for a few minutes. If your home is close to your work and you have lunch breaks, you can come back home and bring your dog for a walk that will surely do you good as well. Table of Contents. These dogs are famously relaxed – and some might say lazy. Medium-sized and inherently loyal, these dogs make great companions, but they aren’t considered a needy type of pet. They will be a great companion for jogging, running or even horseback riding. A book project based on her blog is under development and represented by theJames Fitzgerald Agency.The New York Post named her New York City's most eligible single in January 2014. In fact, puppies and senior dogs can sleep even more. You just have to love them! EiZivile/Shutterstock. If you’re a runner, this dog is a perfect choice for you! Self-sufficient by nature, these dogs find ways to entertain themselves without much anxiety, but out of boredom, they could snack mindlessly. Take a profit from it and bring your dog with you! “They have a reputation for not being overly affectionate, but that is balanced by being happy in their own company,” she explains. If you have two dogs, they can have great fun playing together even when they are alone. These breeds tolerate being alone because their temperaments lean towards the laid-back side, provided they receive abundant exercise, play, and attention from their people during together time. The key to keeping them happy is ensuring that they have walks and receive TLC when you are at home. But Dr. Tripp says old dogs are generally better at spending time alone. Everything you read in this article was reviewed by a medical expert whose name, biography and picture are shown below the article. This means you’ll need to ensure that they get some exercise to keep off the pounds. As indicated in the article, many dogs do “act out” when left alone, because they are social creatures, like people. Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links. Getting a senior dog generally means that health issues will also be more likely to occur which will require your constant attention and a vet you can trust. “This lovable small dog does not require vigorous daily exercise,” Dr. Tripp continues. Always relay any questions you have regarding your pet’s medical condition to your veterinarian, local animal hospital or other qualified veterinary provider. With enough food and water, Chihuahuas can be left alone for 9 to 10 hours. Goldador is a crossbreed of a Golden Retriever and a Labrador Retriever. Of all these breeds there is none that is particularly better than the other as all dogs are still individuals as should be treated so. She has developed a special interest in internal medicine and ophthalmology. But in reality, the demands of our professional and personal lives take us away from our beloved pups. You might be surprised to see a terrier on a list for the best dogs that can be left alone, especially... Shiba Inu. While this might cause some issues when it comes to training, it can also be a benefit when it comes to people that can’t spend a lot of their time at home. All in all, Labradoodles are dogs of a poodle-intelligence and labrador-friendliness that won’t leave anyone indifferent. Don't rush things. Caucasian Shepherd Dog. Don’t let this breed’s name fool you, Small Munsterland Pointers are actually medium-sized dogs. The Animal Welfare Act is a federal law that regulates the treatment of animals but this only applies to dogs bred for commercial sale and those being transported or imported. Of course, if your dog suffers separation anxiety, it may be that much more difficult to leave them alone. Does this mean they don’t love their owners? These dogs need to have their ears cleaned frequently, and they are prone to weight gain. She was also selected as one of New York's most desirable singles by the lifestyle dating website, Rachel & Chris, and has partnered with several popular dating blogs to create viral content. The Lhasa makes a funny and engaging pet for just about anyone. Otterhound is a very rare and old breed that has been developed in England. Click on the desired breed, or scroll to read the whole list. 2. “They are highly intelligent, and for this reason, they tend to be very easy to train and get into a routine,” he explains. These dogs have huge personalities, and you’ll never get tired of having them around. But in reality, the... Greyhound. and everything else which eats up our precious time. Bull Terrier will do better during periods of separation if you give them exercise before you leave and when you come back. “These characteristics combine to make them a good option for owners who need to be out of the house for extended periods.” Ever wish you could get into the mind of your dog? Now if you’re in a situation that doesn’t enable you to spend more time with your dog, you might want to make his alone time a little less stressful. They’re loyal companion dogs that love the company of their owners. That said, if you don’t work particularly long hours (say, 5-6 hours a day, 8 at an absolute maximum) then you can consider adopting an adult dog, who is already known (by its previous owners and/or shelter staff) to be comfortable being left alone. Before letting you know more on breeds that can be left alone, we will tell you more about all the things you have to take into considerations when choosing a dog while having a full-time job. Just like there are dog breeds that are more likely to fit a busy working schedule, certain dogs (such as working dogs) won’t be happy at all if left alone. Being affectionate family pet dogs and exceptionally good guard dogs, American Pit Bull Terriers may become anxious if regularly deprived of human attention and left alone for a long time. Great Danes is very strong and therefore lap dogs. Just look at their floppy ears and freckled faces! Check out this roundup of the cutest dog breeds as puppies. If you’re a fan of new tech stuff, you can buy a pup cam. One of their best qualities is their calm nature, which allows them to be alone for extended periods. Have you wondered what your dog does when it’s alone? Sometimes these episodes of sadness can endure the entire time you’re not home, but in other cases, they can come and go. If you work a lot but would like to share your life with a dog, choosing the right breed is essential. If you’re planning to get one, you should be prepared for difficulties in finding Otterhound breeders. Here are more of the best low-maintenance dogs for busy people. In a dream world, we would spend all day, every day snuggling our pets. However, other dog breeds will too try to keep their eye on what’s going on either from the window or your yard. Buy an interactive toy such as bob-a-lot or Kong toy and fill it up with dog kibble food/ treats/ frozen peanut butter. Is your company pet-friendly by any chance? An article was written by Torquay And Surfcoast Veterinary Clinic for the “Surf Coast Times,” features some tips Veterinarian Dr. Kate Gittings on how to calm an anxious dog … “Because they are an oversized breed, they can hold elimination for long periods. Some dogs will worry and fret if left alone, and potentially have destructive behavior in the house such as chewing or ripping toys or the sofa! They are very active and will run, chase balls, and roughhouse. A dachshund will enjoy his alone time without crying and howling for you. But being dogs that can be left alone is just one of pugs’ selling points. Being like that, Chow will do well if left home alone. The most appropriate dog breeds to stay home alone. Bred for centuries to be royal watchdogs,... 3. When it’s time to play, though, get ready! Even worse, these pets are often given up to animal shelters because these active breeds are not suitable for the life they have to endure. These dogs need something to do throughout the day, which means they’re going to need plenty of... Boston Terrier. Dog breeds that can be left alone include Labrador Retrievers, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, and Corgis (Welsh and Pembroke varieties). Otterhounds are very friendly dogs that do well with kids. Reviewed by: Dr. Margarita Boyd, BVSc MRCVS, Download your free copy of “7 Things To Consider Before Getting a Puppy” e-book, 9 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained Indoors. There are also some breeds that when left alone can suffer from separation anxiety too. One example is the Lhasa Apso, which was initially bred to guard Tibetan temples and monasteries; their ancestors’ former jobs might explain this breed’s independent nature and why these dogs can be left alone. Not at all! If you work a lot but would like to share your life with a dog, choosing the right breed is essential. The beloved pup of Charlotte on Sex and the City is one of the best dogs for apartment living. This barkless dog rarely gets taller than 18 inches or over 25 pounds. So here is the list of some dog breeds that can be left alone for 8 hours. Sometimes, this results in negative behaviors like having accidents in the house. Yet another crossbreed on the list. She's also the resident dater forWomen', writing weekly about her dating adventures in her 'Dater Diary' column. And if dealing with shedding is your biggest concern, how much fur can this tiny dog produce anyway? The Pyrenean Mastiff is a super-sized softie that will let you cuddle him all the time.... Basenji – The Ultimate Guide To The African Barkless Dog. From the situation you described, it sounds like working with a trainer might be a possibility for this dog … She is part of the HerCampus Blogger Network and spoke at their summer conference in New York on "How to Be a Powerhouse Blogger." Therefore, you shouldn’t count on any breed to be independent to such an extent that you can leave it for more than 8 hours a day. “If you are someone who works long hours, a Basset Hound may be a dog breed that you can leave home by itself,” he notes. ... and they can still have a tendency to dig and chase even as companion dogs." But being dogs that can be left alone is just one of pugs' selling points. Unfortunately, the toy poodle can become overly dependent on your presence and develop severe separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time. Aside from their lap-dog status, there’s a lot to love about this breed. Check this one out and let us know if it worked! These pups are also very easy to train. This sweet little ball of fur is affectionate and will bond strongly with you. Always act calm when you leave and when you return. Many people think that smaller dogs are the dogs that will do best alone, but this is not always the case. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Dogs That Can Be Left Alone: Click on the desired breed, or scroll to read the whole list. Instead, reward your pup when he’s calm and relaxed despite you’re leaving. The Small Munsterland is an affectionate dog of great water-retrieving skills. This short-legged dog is bred to hunt badgers and foxes which is why he is very intelligent and independent. Training him will be a real breeze, but he will need a lot of daily exercises. Yes, climb trees! Since being left alone often puts dogs to go through some rough time, it is not recommendable to get a puppy. This way, your pup will have an impression that not a lot has changed even if you’ve left. They are sporting dogs that were bred for hunting which is why they became very popular across Europe. No matter which breed you have, this is what your dog wants from you. Why? They are fine on their own as long as they have something to do. Some small-sized dog breeds have naturally smaller bladders which make not going to pee for such long hours an impossible task to do. Generally speaking, this is how long it’s OK (and not OK) to leave your dog home alone. So, how long can German Shepherds be left alone, legally? Read Next: 9 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained Indoors. So since we established there is no dog that likes being left alone, you should be ready to adapt your weekly schedule in order to ensure your dog doesn’t suffer when left home alone. How long your dog can stay home alone completely depends on your dog, their age, and their physical and emotional needs. This way you will be just two clicks away from communicating with your dog wherever you are. However, this is only a solution for longer-term periods, because you will need to monitor both pets closely until they adjust to living together. If you’re looking for a great pal that will enjoy learning new commands and won’t suffer from separation anxiety, labradoodle is the right choice for you! Eager to learn, they will have no trouble at all staying at home alone, as long as they are provided with something to keep their minds busy; whether a toy or the role of the guard dog. Greyhounds were bred for hunting in the open, due to their incredible speed. Note: Barking Royalty isn’t a veterinary provider. Just provide some toys and he’ll be fine. The more you make a big deal out of the goodbyes and of your arrival after work, the more anxious and stressed your dog will be. Are you living with your family and all of you have different work shifts and work different hours? And one more important note: “Basset Hounds are best suited for colder climates and are a breed that should never be left outside, especially in warmer temperatures,” Dr. Aramendi adds. However, the time you don’t spend with an English Foxhound throughout the day, you’ll have to spend on daily exercise and various activities. They are very devoted dogs, but they have to be properly trained at an early age because they can be often stubborn, just like any other independent dog breed. English Foxhounds are very intelligent and will know exactly how to spend their alone time. These popular flat-faced breeds are lazy as a rule, and their difficulty breathing means that they won’t want to be... Maltese. Compared to other spaniels, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels require less exercise and bark less. Decide what is the better option for your dog and find trustworthy platforms that guarantee their credentialed dog walkers. But there is much more than a simple bouncy ball that your dog loves chasing around. This time it’s the famous “designer” breed called Labradoodle. More importantly, the Basset hound is stable and not prone to mood swings or anxiety. They will often bark to alert you if they hear something unfamiliar, but it’s usually not for attention.

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