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pedestal sink drain

Wrap the threads of the trap’s elbow with plumber’s tape. Slowly pull out the pedestal and move it aside. Pre-drill at your marks and install hanger bolts in the wall. Buy a 1-1/4 in. Rent or borrow a reciprocating saw (Photo 3) to speed up the job. In the following article, we’ll show you how to handle the most common problems, including how to relocate your drain and water pipes for a neater installation. Sand the surface smooth. But, sink stoppers fail. The pedestal’s primary function is to hold the plumbing. Support the stub-outs with straps and solder a cap on each. pedestal mounting screw. The pedestal sink makes a bathroom feel bigger. With the sink fully assembled, it's ready to be installed in the bathroom. Attach the brace with angle-driven screws. Carefully lift the sink and place it on top of the pedestal, lining it up with the pre-drilled holes. Note: You can download a copy of this list from the Additional information below. The drain is on the floor about an inch away from the wall, between the two water supply lines which also come up from the floor. A pedestal sink can be heavy, and while one person might be able lift it in place, it is much easier and safer to enlist the aid of a helper for this task. A sink drain pedestal strainer with a central longitudinal axis includes a pedestal extending upwardly away from a base. Carefully move the sink and pedestal back against the wall. All these plumbing supplies are available at home centers and full-service hardware stores. Item 11863 Small Space Saving Pedestal Sink. Assemble the rest of the parts and adjust the opening and closing of the stopper according to the instructions. Mark that measurement on the tailpiece. And be sure to contact your building inspections department to see whether a permit is required for this plumbing work. sink and pedestal at its desired mounting location. Insert the supplied toggle bolts and tighten them with a screwdriver. Wipe out the inside of the sink basin and the basin’s drain hole. Preparation Saw off the drainpipe about 4 in. Make sure the lavatory is level (Image 1). Bolt the Pedestal to the Floor Assemble the sink basin on top of the pedestal. Cut the copper water pipes with a close-quarters tubing cutter. Use a 5/16-in. Bathroom Breakdown: Understanding Bidet Showers and Hoses, How a Portable Bidet Can Transform Your Travel, 11 Things You Shouldn’t Store in Your Bathroom, 11 Organizers for Under the Bathroom or Kitchen Sink, How to Clean Grout With Household Cleaning Products. Roll a 3/4-inch thick rope of plumber’s putty. If the sink doesn’t have its own water shut-off valve, shut off the water for your whole home. Don’t lift up on the bowl too much when positioning the pedestal (only about 1/8 in. Cover the P-trap's threads with plumber’s tape for a secure, leak-free fit. Locate the coupling at the base of the sink bowl where the tail pipe is connected and loosen it in the … Stainless Steel Universal Decorative Sink Drain. Prime and paint the wall and nail up the baseboard before installing the new sink. Mount the Sink The sink has a 1.75-inch drain opening for standard U.S. plumbing connections. escutcheon), nut and brass ferrule over the pipe stub and attach a compression-type shutoff valve. Take apart the sink and move it away from the wall. of copper pipe sticking out and solder on a cap so you can turn the water on to test for leaks. 17-gauge chrome-plated trap assembly to connect the drain. The sink is mounted to the wall and also rests on the pedestal stand. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for your drain. 1-Hole Pedestal Bathroom Sink Basin with Overflow Drain in Dune (2844-1-NY) at Ferguson. Push the sink against the wall snugly so that the hanger bolts extend through the mounting holes. All other sites say to remove the sink basin from the pedestal, but I would prefer not to do this as I would have to remove all the caulking and recaulk the sink again afterwards. ", Buy 1 in. View All Undermount Sinks Sleek & Stylish Undermount sinks provide a simple and clean look with a touch of elegance. Pedestal sinks often have elaborate and decorative bowls, but they all rest atop a column that conceals the water lines and drain pipe. Remove the Countertop. All other sites say to remove the sink basin from the pedestal, but I would prefer not to do this as I would have to remove all the caulking and recaulk the sink again afterwards. Insert the pieces of the faucet into their respective holes in the sink basin. Glue a short length of pipe and a trap adapter to the sanitary tee inside the wall. Coat the fine threads on the tailpiece with thread sealant and screw the tailpiece into the pop-up assembly. Tools: Adjustable wrenches Large slip joint pliers Hacksaw with fine-tooth blade Close-quarters tubing cutter Tubing cutter Drill and bits 5/16-in. Repeat the above step for the other faucet valve and angle-stop. 2. Slide the sink over the mounting bolts and install a stainless steel fender washer and acorn nut to secure it. Cut the vent pipe about 40 in. Even if the drain is at the right location side to side, it might be too high or too low for the pedestal sink and will need some modification to make it work. Then cut the stub so the trap adapter fits snug to the drywall and glue them all together (shown completed in Photo 10). Press the flange down and wipe away excess putty that pushes out. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. Wrap the putty rope around the underside of the flanges of the faucet’s valves and spout. Slide the trap cover over the waste pipe. Slide the P-trap up to the mark you made on the tailpiece, then thread the slip-nut onto the P-trap. We recommend our users to update the browser. off center and a few inches too low. trap assembly to the sink tailpiece and PVC trap adapter. To loosen the drain connection, carefully slide the pedestal away from the basin until you can get a wrench around the drain. Install the Drain Don’t confuse them with the solid rubber or rippled steel collar types. Test-fit the trap assembly to the waste pipe in the wall. Mark the supply tubes and cut them with a tubing cutter. Assemble the copper supply lines. trowel for the final coat to create a tapered patch. We’ve run both the drain and vent pipes at a 45-degree angle for optimal performance. Our old drain was 6 in. Mark the sink’s anchor holes on the wall. Assembling the pivot rod This Open-back bathroom pedestal sink saves space in your bathroom and makes installation a breeze. I've got the supply lines figured out but cannot figure out how to install the P trap to the drain in the floor. Connect the 1-1/2 in. Mark the center of the sink on masking tape stuck to the floor. 8. Then spread PVC adhesive on the primed surfaces and quickly assemble each joint, twisting the pipe about a quarter turn as you push it into the fitting. This style of sink consists of two pieces – the sink basin itself and the stand (“pedestal”) beneath it. from the floor. Constructed from gorgeous grade A vitreous china porcelain for durability and easy cleanup. Wrap the putty rope around the underside of the flange of the pop-up drain. masonry bit to drill a clearance hole in the tile floor for the 1/4 x 2-in. Pull the pedestal away from wall and lift off sink. Most of today’s sinks are made from vitreous china, a glass-like Sinks don’t typically come with fasteners, so make sure you have lag screws and washers ready for this project. Roll a 3/4-inch thick rope of plumber’s putty. Then, tighten it a 1/4 turn using a wrench or water-pump pliers. Just cut the pipe and join a new section with a PVC coupling. Then make a mark 10 inches from the wall – accounting for the baseboard. Bathroom sink drains are available with and without overflows; check whether your sink has an overflow so you can choose the right type of drain. Flexible Drain Pipe, Angle Simple Flexible 1-1/4" Extension Hose Tail Pipe, Bathroom Sink Expanded Tube, Lavatory Sink Tailpiece, Vessel Sink Extension Drain Pipe, Length of … Hold it tightly about 45 seconds. If your faucet has “pigtails” like ours that are too short, buy two 3/8-in. Supply line (height): Two holes; vertically, both are about 2 to 3 inches above the drain pipe Supply lines (horizontal): Two holes; one hole is 4 inches to the right of centerline; other is 4 inches to left of centerline Discharge hole (vertical): About 16 to 20 inches above the floor; consider drain pipe to be the vertical centerline On the underside of the basin, put the gasket and washer onto the drain. Before you begin, though, you’ll need to prepare for installation by following these steps: Check your pedestal sink’s manufacturer's instructions to see if it requires a mounting brace. ", Step 9: d. Once everything is disconnected, pull the basin away. The Ondine is a space-conscious pedestal basin sink. Caution: Keep your saw blade shallow to avoid hitting electrical wires. The arm should extend about 2 in. Position the pedestal over the holes drilled earlier. The screw will slip through this hole and screw into the wood subfloor. Look up and underneath the sink to check … The difficult issue with pedestal sinks when you need to repair or remove plumbing, is that the plumbing, tubing, and PVC drain is hiding behind the pedestal.This leaves hardly any room to get your tools back in there to remove and fix plumbing issues. If you have an already tiled wall, you will need to either remove the tile or cut through it using an angle grinder. Attach the Trap Set the sink bowl on the pedestal, and lay a 2-ft. level across it. Made and designed by high-end and well known Turkish brand CeraStyle. Many faucets have no tubes attached. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format: I realize I have to move the plumbing and it has to look nice. Hold the valve body with one wrench while you tighten the compression nut with another. The pedestal sink base is only a secondary support. Need Help? I've read that S-traps are against code but it seems like the only way to connect a pedestal sink to this floor drain that's located almost directly under the sink. We particularly like how easy it is to install the faucet, a process made simpler by the accompanying hardware tools and installation instructions. Hold the P-trap, fitted with its elbow, alongside the pipe, with the trap's vertical end centered on the mark. ). Nobody expects more from us than we do. masonry bit Tape measure 2-ft. level, Soldering tools and supplies: Propane or Mapp gas tank with regulator Lead-free solder Flux Wire brush for 1/2-in. To cut steel … Place the basin on the pedestal and against the wall. Purchase these pieces separately. Lift up slightly on the sink as you slide the pedestal. You’ll also learn how to attach the plumbing. Have a helper hold it against the wall while you mark the position for the mounting bracket. Pedestal sinks have a simple, elegant design and take up less space than a bathroom sink and vanity. Breaking Down the Bidet: What Is It and How Much Does It Cost? Question: Do I need to be remove the sink from the wall and then have to repaint since pulling it from the wall? Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed, For screen reader problems with this website, please call 1-800-430-3376 or text 38698 (standard carrier rates apply to texts), Step 1: Disconnect any bolts holding the sink to the pedestal. Cut, clean and solder the copper tubes and fittings. If your work requires a permit, call for a plumbing inspection before closing the wall. an anchor bolt to help secure the sink. For this you’ll need basic plumbing skills like soldering copper and cutting and gluing plastic pipe. For a complete listing of the tools and materials you’ll need, see “Tools and Supplies” below. Leave the drain stub unglued until the drywall is finished. 5. A plumber will also help you when you need to know how to install a pedestal sink with floor plumbing, since you’ll likely have to run the plumbing through the wall. We offer designer products for affordable budgets. The space beneath a pedestal sink can be turned into a safe and dry space to store toiletries. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator in Monochromatic Stainless Steel, Buy Waverly Kids Circle Sidewall Wallpaper. An under-the-sink vanity cabinet is designed to fit snugly around the bottom of the pedestal sink. Slide the decorative escutcheon (for this project you’ll need two 1/2-in. Install the pop-up drain assembly. Position the 2 x 4 upright under the sink in place of the pedestal to support the sink while removing the P-trap. Bend them to fit and connect them to the valve and faucet with the nut and brass ferrule provided. Screw the pedestal base to the floor. Using groove-joint pliers, tighten the locknut on the drain from the underside of the sink until the plumber’s putty is compressed and the flange looks and feels tight. Install the Mounting Bracket ", Step 2: Screw additional 2×2 backing to support drywall edges. steel drainpipe to a PVC street elbow with a transition coupling. Item #642504. If you are installing a sink in a new location, get a plumber to rough-in the plumbing. Just as with a wall-mounted sink, you’ll want to install blocking between wall studs to help provide that extra support. Choose Gerber with Confidence . Wipe out the inside of the sink basin and the basin’s drain hole. Press a pencil-width bead of plumber’s putty under the rim of the drain before you press the drain down into the opening in the sink. If you are replacing an old sink, you may be able to use the existing plumbing. Mark the centerline of the sink on the wall and floor. Position the drain plunger so that the rubber bowl on the end of the handle is pressed firmly over the drain. Thread the drain flange into the body of the drain. Put the drain flange through the basin’s drain hole. This guide will teach you how to install a pedestal sink in your bathroom and how to tackle any pedestal sink installation problems. Assemble the sink basin on top of the pedestal, away from the wall. Then buy a sink with holes to match the faucet. Open back pedestal sinks hide pipes and make installation a breeze. Press the flanges down and wipe away any putty that pushes out. Don’t over-tighten or you may crack the pedestal. W. 2-Light Brushed Nickel Wall/Bath Vanity Light with Inside White Painted Etched Glass, Buy 18.2 cu. Put the drain flange through the basin’s drain hole. If you have to relocate pipes, start by removing a section of wall covering wide enough so you can move the pipes and install wood backing (Photo 2). Tear out the old sink and vanity (Photo 1) and check the drain and supply pipe locations. If you need to order new bathroom sink drain parts, you must know the names and functions of these parts. Apply a thin layer of pipe joint compound to the top side of the rubber … Tresham 30-inch Single Hole Rectangular Pedestal Sink Basin with Overflow Drain in Dune With its stately good looks, elegant trim work, and neo-traditional design, the Tresham sink recalls the architectural molding and framework of Shaker furnishings. drywall screws. I cannot move plumbing to the wall. Attach the washer and elbow to the P-trap again. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for your drain. 20 inch mayfair pedestal sink in white vine hammered copper pedestal sink does the pedestal look bad in bathroom before after dollar skirted sink halden porcelain pedestal sink bathroom Installing A Pedestal Sink With In Floor Drain Diy Home Improvement ForumBefore After Dollar Skirted SinkPedestal Sinks Ing And Installing A Bathroom SinkBathroom Flooring Vanity Plumbing… Always use two wrenches to tighten compression fittings, one to hold the valve and the other to tighten the nut. Sleek & Stylish Undermount sinks provide a simple and clean look with a touch of elegance. If you add the new floor tiles you will have enough room for S-trap (Fig.53A). Tighten the clamps with a 5/16-in. Cut a hole in the wall at the sink height that spans from stud to stud. Attach the faucet valve to the angle-stop plumbing in your wall with an acorn-head supply tube and compression nuts. How to plumb a pedestal sink the how to install a pedestal sink kohler memoirs ceramic pedestal bo How To Install A Pedestal Sink W Detailed Pictures Bestlife52Pedestal Sink Installation How Tos DiyHow To Install A Pedestal Sink TheHow To Install A Pedestal Sink TheInstall A Bathroom Pedestal Sink Yourself Siouxland Homes SiouxcityjournalWhat Should You… Read More » Tighten two 5/16-in. Turn the drain body so that the opening for the pivot rod mechanism faces the back of the sink. Trowel on at least two more layers, allowing each to dry before recoating. Hand-tighten the slip joint connectors. The plumbing fits inside the pedestal, which rests on the floor. Pedestal sink add that special touch to any bathroom Install the Mounting Brace If desired, move the stop valves closer to the trap, in order to hide them behind the pedestal. Let the bolts extend from the wall about 1-inch. If the drain is in the floor (Fig.35A), ideally the Pedestal Sink will have the S-trap extension tube with the length L=JK (or you can cut it to the length you need). You’ll be able to install a new pedestal sink and faucet in a day even with no previous experience. If your pedestal sink doesn’t come with a mounting bracket, follow these steps instead: This step will give you an overview on how to install a pop-up drain. Measure the distance from the floor up to the top of the vertical part of the P-trap. Finally, mount the sink and connect the plumbing (Photos 15 – 17). Here’s a list. The difficult issue with pedestal sinks when you need to repair or remove plumbing, is that the plumbing, tubing, and PVC drain is hiding behind the pedestal.This leaves hardly any room to get your tools back in there to remove and fix plumbing issues. Step 6: Plumbing the Sink Drain and Faucet. Move the sink away from the installation location. ", Step 8: Before you decide to purchase, here are some things to think about: Installing one is a little more involved than a regular drop-in or wall-mount sink. Let’s take a look at 5 bathroom sink drain parts that you should know. Use a keyhole saw to cut the drywall (Photo 2), but keep the saw blade shallow to avoid hitting wiring or pipes. sink for your bathroom. My junker wife came home with a used Hometek pedestal sink and wants to replace an old vanity sink in the bathroom. Cover the trap adapter with a special deep escutcheon (extra deep, p-trap diameter), available at most full-service hardware stores. This sink and faucet set is designed for an above-counter, single-hole installation. Buy a small container of plumber’s putty (Photo 13) and thread sealant for the sink tailpiece (Photo 14). Remove the bowl and pedestal and set them aside. At home in either traditional or modern decors, this basin shows the beauty of simplicity in both form and style. Finish installing the pedestal sink by bolting the pedestal to the floor with the bolts or nuts provided. Numerous straight lines with periodic curves cover many sections of this vitreous china sink. Most pedestal sink basins hang from a bracket attached to a mounting brace (or framing) in the wall. Plastic pipe makes quick work of relocating your drain. This is a repair you can do yourself. Sand with 100-grit drywall sanding paper. Then turn on the water and check for leaks. A single handle controls temperature and water flow. Help! Quality Farmhouse apron front kitchen sinks, Pedestal Sinks, Vessel Sinks, undermount sinks and a wide variety of resin bathtubs, Cast iron bathtubs and more. Install the Faucet Magnesium Worm Drive Circular Saw with 24-Tooth Carbide Tipped Diablo Blade, Buy Denhelm 16.5 in. Leave about 6 in. Use any fine tooth saw to cut plastic pipe. But we should warn you—pedestal sinks can be tricky to put in, even for pros. Find My Store. Faucet is AB1953 Low Lead compliant. If you’re having trouble fitting the supply tube into the valve (Photo 16), loosen the valve (reverse the procedure shown in Photo 10) and swivel it to allow clearance to insert the tube. You will receive an email shortly at: Here at, we are committed to protecting your privacy. If this doesn’t work, you’ll have to take apart the leaky joint and make sure the rubber slip joint gaskets are in place and the brass ferrules on the compression fittings are squarely seated. You’ll fit the mounting brace between the studs. Need help identifying a tool or material? up from the floor. Thread the provided gasket and nut onto the underside of each of the faucet’s fittings. Sink is made of ceramic and includes an overflow.

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